Thursday, December 28, 2006

Last day of work for the year!

I hope you are all enjoying the holidays. Any big plans for New Years Eve? We're still up in the air. My brother and his girlfriend fly in tonight for a few days. His 30th birthday is tomorrow so it should be a fun filled weekend of festivities.

Today is one of our good friends (I've referred to him and his wife as "fav couple" in previous post, as they really are) birthdays! We are all getting together tonight to celebrate all our group has to celebrate... First and foremost his birthday, a new baby on the way from another couple, and two engagements. about happy new year! It's going to be such a fun night, it always is when everyone is able to get together!

I am also looking forward to getting a different band for my ring. I do like the one Music Guy picked out but it is not exactly what I wanted, and he has no problem with me changing it. Good thing! So many wonderful things to look forward to, it is all just starting.

My mom is going to start staying with us tonight. And she'll be here for another week or so. And on Sunday my brother and his girlfriend are going to stay with us. Full house, but it'll be nice to have family around. But after more than a week, I think that will be MORE than enough family time! But we're so lucky we have the room to let everyone shack up!

I am going to get a mani this afternoon, I might be a little better and keeping my paws nice and presentable for the first few months as people will be looking at them! Or is it an excuse to get weekly mani's? Regardless, they look pretty sad, the winter is brutal on these suckers!

Enough yackin' for one morning. I'll check in with what i ended up doing for a color! :)


Erin said...

I personally am dying to see or at least hear about your ring!

Lisagh said...

Me too! Me too! Ring please.