Thursday, December 21, 2006

My poor blog

Me again, this blog is lacking. I have so much to blog about (now i am starting to make a list) is this turning into a problem...? be it. I love love love it! Now that that is out of the way.

I still have zero shopping done. I am taking off in about a half hour to head over to Beacon Hill to meet my mom and hit Charles St for some preppy gifts. My friend Sara knows me all to well. Each gift she got me I loved and was perfect, they were "all things kimba". I will take pictures and post them later.
Now for what to get her, I have been meaning to go to the Flat of the Hill to get her gift, you can't go wrong shopping there. What I do do wrong is buy way to many cute preppy items. Not possible!

I am addressing the last of my Christmas cards, I have sent out all of my blog friends cards so keep an eye out! I received Erin's card and it was such a cute pic of her Ladybug and I had to laugh as i remembered a post she had written about that day. Also she added a very nice touch, To: "Kimba" and "Music Guy". I came home and he said I think you got a blog Christmas card, i said why, and then i saw it, and had to laugh! That is what it is all about!

OH, I made the Preppy Bark last night and it turned out very cute. I also made my boss and another gal at work (who has to listen to all of my stories, poor thing) monogrammed candles, they turned out pretty cute! I am making some for Music Guy's mom and sister. Just a little preppy touch for the Holidays! I saw it in Real Simple, and that it was!

I'll be back later! Giddy up!

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