Sunday, December 03, 2006


That was pretty pathetic , that was a roar for the Pats and Lions game at 1pm today. We're heading over to fav couple's house to watch the game. Always a good time. Last year it got a bit out of hand, it's their Christmas "Party" and or just a reason to get everyone together and watch the game.

Music Guy has a Christmas Party tonight for work. I will not be attending with him, it's at a club in Boston and that's just not where I could see myself on a Sunday evening. And he's also not going to be there for very long so I don't feel as bad!

I took tomorrow off, so this is a long weekend for Kimba!

I've been catching up on my new blog friends old post, it's fun to read how they were and how they are now. Smart, fun and oh so preppy!

You know when you see the jewelry commercials around Christmas time and they show all off the sale great presents, why are they all SO ugly? I see these woman get these terrible necklace and they're so happy. I do understand the Lexus commercials, I mean those are nice hoopdies.

All a few Sunday thoughts as I wait for Music Guy to get ready!

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clipper829 said...

I love reading old blog archives - even my own - I like seeing where I've been and how I got here.

And HELL YEAH I'd be psyched with a Lexus SUV hoopty in the driveway on XMas morning. But a little box from say Zales, probably not! LOL!