Monday, April 09, 2007

What a weekend!

I had an absolute fabulous weekend! It was a bit cold for my liking but none the less it was great!

I worked half a day on Friday and had some things to do so it was nice to have my mom tag along for some good company! Of course we went to the Christmas Tree Shop to have "a look". Nothing really jumped out at me, though I saw a bunch of crap I wanted!

Anywho after a day of running around we came home and my mother just had to give me my Easter basket. We really have never been good at keeping gifts until the actual holiday. And she got me one of the BEST gifts. Three packages of ETP note cards. A week or so ago I had posted a picture that Chloe has on her site with the Blue Ballet Flats not only because I love them but it is my name! So my mom saw it on my blog and got a hold of my girl C and had them made.

It was such a wonderful surprise and I was happy my Easter could help out C!

Saturday I got up and hit the gym and target, I think I spent more time at Target than I did working out! Oh please i deserve a break! And then it was off to the Cape. My mom loved the Hyannisport Club, she got a lot of cute pictures and was very impressed!

Saturday Music Guys sister JJ and her fiancee G met us all down at his parents and we had a ball. Everyone was on a roll, it was so much fun. There were a few "Kimba" moments but when we all get together I tend to always leave them shaking their head the following week. I mean a lot of times what I am about to say sounds just fine in my head but once it's out of my mouth it sounds well like Kimba said it!

Sunday we all got up and ready for mass. My mom and I were about 2 minutes behind everyone and when we got to church people were standing outside because it was so packed they couldn't get in. That was a bummer as Father Mark was saying mass and he is marring us and one of the greatest people I know!

After dinner we all headed back to the city but not after sitting in stop and go traffic on Rt 3 for 2 and a half hours. That was fun!

When Music Guy and I moved in together we didn't get HBO because last season of the Sopranos was a bust and normally Entourage is on in the summer and we can watch them onDemand on the Cape. But this weekend HBO had a free weekend and now it has me thinking. Do I spend the extra money for the shows (which includes the adding and removing fees) or do we wait and catch up with them while we're on the Cape? I think the latter is what is the best idea. Also we have enough friends who have HBO maybe we could invite ourselves over?

This week is a bit crazy as I will only be working three days next week. Patriots day of course on Monday (though I have to use it as a vacation day) and that next Friday we are flying to Detroit for JJ's bridal shower. I have only flown through DET and am very excitied to see where Music Guy grew up. (Though someone was just shot there a few hours ago).

Also, rumor has it we will hear who Dannielynns real father is tomorrow. TEAM BIRKHEAD


E said...

We have HBO and I don't think we ever, ever, ever watch it. You and Music Guy can come over anytime!

Glad you had such a fab weekend - isn't looking forward to Patriot's Day grand!

Cloggsy said...

Did Momma Kimba give you the hug I sent over?!!

Lilly said...

The D isn't so bad...just stick to the 'burbs!

Kimberly said...

E, i'm on my way..good thing you don't have a dog or cat or I'd have to pass!

C, she did!!!!! Really! And my mom said what a sweet gal you were

L, We'll be in Grosse Point and Royal Oak. So we'll be safe!

E said...

It would be a cold day in hell before I'd have a cat!

Anonymous said...

It's not on HBO on Demand! We were on Nantucket on Sunday night, finalizing for our June wedding, and my parents don't have HBO there. Got home last night, hoping to see it, and couldn't -- it does reair tonight. So I'm not sure what's up with that, go-forward, but maybe you want to check it out, if that's your game plan. Sarah (first time poster, frequent reader)