Friday, April 27, 2007

Da Da

My fave beach meets NYC gal Suz is looking for a new beach bag, and I am here to help!

Now this little number would be perfect you can store your snacks and icy cold drinks right in the pockets! And there is enough room for a towel and frisbee (which doubles as a plate my friend)

Moving right along, we're keeping with the beverage storage theme. A nice light color for those hot Hampton days!

For the Pink and Green in us!

And now to my all time fave, it's lined in's like a cooler but way cuter!

Well Suz, I hope that helped!!!!

If you're still confused, I think the vv Tisbury tote looks like a diaper bag...and she is thinking of getting it! gez!


E said...

It does kind of look like a diaper bag. In typical anti-diaper bag fashion I used a regular VV tote as a diaper bag though!

Anonymous said...

glad youre SO busy at work you had time to craft this post :)

I do like the first one, if you can imagine, I take my beaching VERY seriously and therefore have enough snacks to last 3 days.

Kimberly said...

Nothing but the best if i'm blogging about you!

J said...

You are too funny! It totally does look like a diaper bag...but it is not called a diaper bag so that makes it okay. All those pockets will be quite handy for the beach!