Friday, April 13, 2007

Fired up Friday

I'm really not all that fired up but I thought it was

Thanks to Melissa I sent the picture of the terrible bridesmaid dress to all my ladies with an email telling the I had found the one.

A wonderful Friday the 13th it is.

I have to share my commute home. And not to make this blog about the bus and commuting, but if you've lived in the city you get it. Suz, you agree?!

I spent a good 50 minutes on the treadmill last night and was on my way to the bus and saw a bus at my stop so I of course running after it, with umbrella and tote bag in hand to only miss it when the light changed. There is a stop about a block from there so I kept running and was about 5 feet from it and they took off. (mind you it was pouring rain) So I then keep running to the next set of lights (right by Houston's in Faneuil Hall) and I poked my head around to the bus driving to I don't know LET ME IN. And she pointed a head of her to the next bus stop and looked away. I was thinking f you, it's raining have I have been chasing you through 4 sets of lights.

So then I say screw it, I don't want to get on her stupid bus. Pride people it's pride! So I take off cutting threw the Bell and Hand by Haymarket, cross the street to the North End and start walking/running down the street to see if I can beat the bus to the next stop. Which is not close you have to go pass Haymarket and cross the new green way thingy and down about three more blocks. And let me tell you I was standing waiting for her to pick me up. (across from Nebo's which is over priced fancy pizza if you ask me) Of course I was soaking wet and dripping in sweat but I showed her what will happen if you don't let me on the bus.

I got home and wanted to fall over, which had nothing to do with the 12 pack of Miller Lite I carried up three flights of stairs!

Anywho, I finally found a house on the Vineyard for JJ's bachelorette party over Memorial Day weekend. And let me tell you, it is hands down the best house I have ever seen. It has barn stars and ships throughout, I hope I can refrain from stuffing it in my tote bag! I will post pictures as the weekend gets closer!

It's a long weekend for this Kimba. I took Monday off and well it looks like I might be freezing my butt off while day drinking! Regardless, its Patriots Day and this Mid-Western Gal will take any excuse to celebrate. It won't be as good as having friends live on the actual route like years pass but I'll live!

Hope you guys have a great weekend, I'll pop over and give an update if I feel it will give you a little chuckle


Anonymous said...

I know actually driving to work must suck - sitting in traffic, dealing with parking, etc. . . via public transport I can read, sleep, talk on my cell phone but seriously the freaks and nonsense we mass commuters deal with is just too insane sometimes!

I wish NYC would get on the Patriot's Day bandwagon - think of me languishing at my desk when you crack open that first beer :)

Libby said...

1. That is an absolutely brilliant Friday the 13th joke (if there is such a thing) to pull on your ladies. They must have been ready to die!

2. I can just see you tearing across Faneuil Hall in the pouring rain. But please be careful about running up to buses, I recently worked on a really tragic case involving an MBTA bus.

3. Have a outstanding long weekend!