Friday, April 27, 2007

Because only you would care!

I am happy to say I will soon be a proud owner of my 5th Vineyard Vines Classic Tote. But this isn't just a bunch of crabs and palm trees. It my friend is BEACON HILL STREET SIGNS. Yep that's right, a tote bag with my old hoods street signs. Only can be found at Blackstone's in Beacon Hill

AND I also got word they will be coming out with vv sashes with the same design. That screams rehearsal dinner with a white dress.

Tonight I think we're watching the game over at Music Guys sisters. Hopefully it won't be rained out! We all know what I'm doing tomorrow (I also got a tip from my lovely friend Sando that i need to wear FULL underwear, guess the ladies putting the dresses on me don't care to check out my tattoo.)

I am so excited to get my nails done, kid you not I have not gotten my nails done since J's engagement party on Feb 5th. And after working out like a donkey the past month my feet are well a bit in rough shape.

Then to a Jewelry party at a colleagues house in Beverly, more or less a chance to stop by for an afternoon cocktail! Then it's back to the city to hang out with the one and only A & B. Woohoo!

Hopefully i'll be able to get some gym time in or at least run around the Navy Yard. Though it's no Charles River, it's still to see water!


MC said...

Sounds like great plans, have fun trying on dresses. Hope you find the perfect one, and it's less than you are looking to spend.

RED said...

now THAT's what I call a weekend! Whew! Can't wait to hear all about your adventures! HAVE FUN! and good luck with the shopping! wooo!!
And i COMPLETELY hear you about the nails needing to be done, I have a mani/pedi appt what I thought was NEXT week is really in TWO weeks. I don't think I'll make it. ugh!

CBM said...

Oh my goodness! You MUST post a pic of your VV bag when you get it! I bet it will be so adorable.

Have a great weekend, especially dress shopping!

E said...

I think I need that VV bag...MEMORIES! That'll be my excuse to Mr. P when I inevitably break down and buy it!

Is it on their website or do you have to go to the store? I'm dying to see it (and buy it)!