Friday, April 06, 2007

My Good Friday

Hoppy Easter to you all!

As my follow Bean-town gal Libby does, it's thankful/grateful Friday over here in Kimba blogland.

First things Music Guy, he's the only one that when I go all crazy town agrees I am acting as nuts as I think I am! And or he's so darn cute!

Of course my mom who is on a plane right now to spend Easter with me!

Getting back to Music Guy, the blog he and his colleagues created for a contest for work. And of course its pretty cool if I do say so myself! Check it out! Paolo Nutini Boston Team They spent a lot of time with this contest! It's a great record and I could not be happier to say I too have met the one and only Paolo Nutini and he is pretty great!
My super cute outfit that fits a little better after kicking my ass at the gym all week!
All of you for sticking with me and making me laugh day in and day out!


suburban mom said... and your mom are so cute!

Cloggsy said...

Hoppy Easter too cute Kimba! Hoppy Easter Kimba's Mom!

Libby said...

Happy Easter, kiddo!

Sarah said...

I love Paolo Nutini - he is great.

Such a cute picture of you and your Mom. Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter, Kim! Can't start my day without checking your blog. kep thinks it's cool that I found your blog.
Love the picture with your mom!

MC said...

Happy Easter, babe!

jilly said...

I hope you are wearing you some new Easter Shoes! Have a great time with your mom! Love the pics! Have fun at the Cape!

Anonymous said...

Great pics, Happy Easter to you guys and enjoy your mom's visit and THANK YOU for being an awesome blogger :)

Hannah Lane said...

Happy Easter! I hope you had a great time with your mom!

IrishEyes said...

You are such a good blogger! :-) and I love the addition of pics.