Sunday, April 15, 2007

Stop bitching about the f'in rain

Is what I just told Music Guy. Though it is nuts outside here in Chuck-town, our house is moving I swear!

It's a great feeling knowing I'm on vacation tomorrow. The weekend was all around pretty good!

Friday night we went to JJ and G's to watch the Sox game on their very nice 50" flat screen. Sox, burgers and beer is a wonderful way to kick off a holiday weekend. Saturday I finally got my hair highlighted please read as bleached. It was nice going on a Saturday, I could roll right out of bed hit store 24 for a water hence the burgers and beers the night before and stroll right to the spa 2 minutes from my house. It was wonderful, it takes a long time to get my hair done so if i'm going to spend 2 and a half hours on a Saturday I better get something more out of it. She washed my hair for a good 15 minutes, that was worth the money right there.

We had a 50th birthday party for a gal Music Guy works with at The Swan in Kendall Square, it use to be the Kendall Cafe for those of you who lived in Cambridge (E and Mr. P i'm sure know of it). They had the placed rented out so it was a great time. I finally got to meet Music Guy's boss' wife who was just as wonderful as her husband. Then it was back home to watch the stupidest SNL, it really could not have gotten any worse. MG's parents stayed with us as they were in the city for a wedding. So I got some good wedding detail updates from his mom.

That brings us to today...We went to brunch at the Warren Tavern, I freaking love that place the only bummer was we had a lot to get done today including the gym and I felt a little wrong throwing back a screwdriver before I hit the treadmill. Nothing is better with brunch than a bloody or some other cocktail. Oh well, i'm sure i'll have brunch again!

It was then off to the gym, but of course not before dropping into an open house across the street from us! I had a great workout, it was not as busy so I tried out a few machines I was until today scared of! This butt blaster thingy was off the charts, I can start to feel the pain, no tightening just pain! Then we hit Target to try to buy an outdoor table but we were going back and forth and said we'd revisit it later.

We ran over to Costco to see if they had any sets we liked and ended up getting a membership. I made us walk around the whole place looking at everything. It was funny as we didn't get a cart and this was a trial run, the next time will be the real deal. I found so many things I needed example: a package (75) of individually wrapped cabot 50% less fat cheese slices, who doesn't need that. Hell I'm from Wisconsin, it was how I was raised, hence the butt blaster! Music Guy was a fan of the box of 90 count Mozzarella Sticks (no wonder we found each other) and the package of razors that was a lot less then what he gets at CVS. I on the other had was very excited about the 50 cans of Red Bull, that will be making an appearance in my cart my next trip. Stopped by the store to pick up some yummies for dinner, and now it's time to just lay low with a Miller Lite and pray Chatham doesn't get washed away!

Tomorrow its back to the gym and then it's off to act like a fool while others are accomplishing their dreams of running the Boston Marathon. I'd really rather be doing what i'm doing in this crazy weather. And it sounds more fun! Don't worry Suz the first beer is for you!

Mark this date and time, the Boston Red Sox will play in and win the World Series this season! (Did anyone get in on the Jordan's furniture deal?) Happy they will stop playing the damn commercials.

Yeeehaaaaa...By the way head on over to English Tea and help my gal C with the notecard sayings. "Blow me" that's a new one!


E said...

Still cooking up a phrase for Chloe, but I did manage to buy some ADORABLE ladybug notecards.

Have an awesome marathon Monday - I'll be at the grocery store, but hey at least it's not WORK!

Anonymous said...

I'll be drinking along the marathon course vicariusly through you. Enjoy!

jilly said...

Happy Patriots Day! Hope you don't get blown away! One of the guys I work with is out there running today, so please cheer him on ;) Okay maybe just have a cocktail or two for him!

Libby said...

50 cans of Red Bull!! That's unbelievable!!

suburban prep said...

Don't you just love Costco?

IrishEyes said...

You have the greatest writing style. . .you make me laugh outloud and at other times I feel your pain. Thank you for sharing your life. . you divulge so many of your thoughts that many of us think about but are too afraid to admit. . .and it makes your blog truly human and delightful!

STL Sarah said...

Oh, Kimba... How are you a Sox fan and not a Brewers fan? Or are you both? Here in STL we're not too fond of the Sox... But I still love you, Miss Kimba!