Monday, April 02, 2007

quick quick quick

That is how I felt this weekend went by.

Friday we had a good crew of people over for a little get together. Always a great time!
I could see it becoming a trend, which is fine with me!

Saturday we headed to the Cape for the night, it was fun to get out of the city and just relax!
Checked out some patio goodies and found nothing :(. Everything was to big, I mean do they not make sets for people who don't own a big ole' house?

We had a wonderful little getaway to the Cape, great laughs! It was very relaxing!

Yesterday I just went and got some groceries and spent most of the time catching up on some magazines.

We watched Hollywoodland last evening. It was really good, if you're up for a nothing movie I'd recommend it! I thought it was a very good role for Ben Affleck. Seems Sundays have become "movie night" goodness I am happy baseball has started. I might be able to take any more of this!

Music Guy is out of town for work this evening so I have a lot in store for this Monday...
Clean (big time)
Watch the DVR'd Sox game

This is indeed a nothing post, but wanted to get something up!

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