Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Happy Happy Hump Day

Hope ya'll are having a good week! Very busy over here but not to busy to drop in!

Lent is almost over and I have made a mockery out of what I have given up. I forwent Diet Coke a few weeks...err days in. Pizza was only consumed twice. Meat on Friday was another one that didn't get me too bad. But the whole point of Lent I was able to grasp and was an honorable Catholic as my mother says it's not about "giving things up" yes a sacrifice is suppose to be made but it doesn't always have to do with diet coke and pizza.

Speaking of mom, she is coming on Friday...woohoo!!! We have a packed weekend ahead! I am going to get out of work at noon on Friday and her and I have some errands to run and then lots of family time! Her and I will head to the Cape on Saturday morning to check out the Hyannisport Club and I am hoping we can do a little dress shopping. Though I wanted to lose weight before then but given I only have 3 days I might not be able to drop the 20 pounds I was hoping for! HA!

As for Easter the plans are still a little up in the air. One thing that is for sure is I am in major need for a mani/pedi. I wanted to ask if there is a good spring color out there you've tried that are a fan of. I know Suz got boathouse and just the name of it makes me a fan, but wanted to know any other thoughts!

More later, hopefully I will post after I've shown the gym what i'm made of! :)


Anonymous said...

Boathouse was toes (which I'm obsessed with and I think will become this years signature color)For my mani I did "to the lighthouse" which is a fairly neutral pink that I was quite pleased with, it also didn't show chips (which is always important to me as it is rare I go more than three hours without smudging at least one finger). I'd give it two (well manicured) thumbs up :)

MC said...

Don't worry too much about not losing the 20 lbs yet, stick with it and you'll drop it. And hey, that's what fittings are made for.

E said...

I borrowed my wedding gown (more of a cocktail dress) from one of my girlfriends. It fit pretty well but I had to have it taken in, which I did, but then it needed to be re-beaded and cleaned - and it came back WAY smaller after the cleaning - and no longer fit at my final fitting, 10 days before my wedding.

Long story short, a steady 10-day diet of cigarettes and slim fast sure did the trick and that dress fit NICE!

Mani/pedi spring suggestions from me are Essie shades, Exotic Liras (a very bright yet dark pink) and Geranium, which is a pinky-red. Mani/pedi for me on Friday and I need it desperately. I tend to go with Wicked in the fall/winter.

Kimberly said...

Suz, thanks for the mani suggestion, i am also a smudge/chip queen.

MC, you're sweet, but my butt is still not any smaller!:)

E, I remember reading that dress story!
I am drinking a slim fast right now (4 hour controls hunger my ass) not smoking though, i leave the smoking for Miller Lite!

(Just kidding mom!)

E said...

I still will grab a slim fast for my commute to work if I don't have time for breakfast. It beats the default of a donut from DD, I suppose!

Also, I forgot to mention that if you want a more subtle/neutral shade suggestion I also love Essie's Mademoiselle & Starter Wife. (both sheer pinks).

J said...

I just got a pedicure on Saturday and chose Essie Fiesta, a bright pink that is nice and cheery :)