Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Another find

I think is this a cute style, but I feel it wouldn't "sit" right on everyone. It just has that look about it in my eyes. I also am starting to get annoyed with the color choices of navy. I mean for the love of god, how can you mess up navy.

I like my navy simple, not flashy or bland, but navy is it really that much to ask? I also saw some super cute idea's in this months Martha Stewart Wedding. The wonderful mother of the bride got me a years subscription. Also a year of Modern Bride and some other bridal magazine. I am sure our post man is a HUGE fan of me. At least he doesn't have to lug it monthly, though Vogue and the other 39o4798735 magazines I get to he does! Hey I didn't ask you to up my stamp. And to the Boston area gals who just can't get enough Wedding talk The Improper Bostonian current issue is the Bridal Guide!

It seems now when I talk to people I haven't spoken with in a few weeks ask "Tell me what's new for your wedding plans". (Please note this does not include you A from Fave Couple) I think for a second and say "nothing really" and then I start to think oh crap am I suppose to be doing something and get all jittery. Then I have to take a step back and remind myself it's fine!

Speaking of Fave Couple I would like to congratulate them on becoming Aunt and Uncle to their new nephew!


MC said...
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E said...

Love that dress, but I think you're right - I think it would suit only a pretty specific body type.

You'd think navy would be pretty simple and basic, right? When planning our own wedding my mind boggled with the crazy color stuff.

MC said...

I agree, it looks like it wouldn't be good on some people. I think it would emphasize several problem areas.

K said...

I feel you with the navy problems. Everyone hears "navy" and thinks "blue". Ann Taylor's "midnight" is no where near navy. Until now, I thought my fiance was the only one who knew what I was talking about.

Britt said...

I'm in a wedding in September and the bride is using those dresses by Siri (except they are strapless) - I'm nervous about them, because I do agree with the "lay right", we have to get measured for them & that never works out for me, I need to try it on. Ill let you know how it goes.