Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I should be a sash if I could

If you know me you know I am the queen of sashes. I got my first vv sash when they first came out, I didn't even particularly like the color but I was at In the Pink and had to have it. Loving it was a whale pattern (the blue one) and knowing it would be the perfect touch to my outfit that evening came into play (big time).

I have been disappointed the past few months/year that Vineyard Vines has only had one or two sashes on line and have not updated their patterns. But today I was pleasantly surprised! They don't seem to have any additionally patterns but they do have their old standbys back up on line!

This is one I've been wanting to get to pair with a cute white beach dress I adore!

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Anonymous said...

I just got the blender sash in the peachy color. I have the papaya (same color) big bow flats from jcrew from last spring and it looks so sassy together with jeans and a light blue sweater. I just wish they weren't $65 or I'd have one in every pattern.