Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day is in full swing at the Kimba house

It sure is...

Waking up to the lovely sleek smacking against the house as the wind is whipping through the windows. Awww the love of winter.

I get up to my blackberry buzzing non stop to only find a few of my colleagues are trying to figure out if it is ok to "work from home". I reply back that I'm about to hobble on the bus with my booty and all, so spare me.

Back to why it's all Valentines Day all the time today... As I'm getting ready Music Guy comes upstairs and is talking about the snow/sleet and I snap back that I hope I don't fall of the bus when I get to work. He says I hope you don't either...I walk out of the bathroom and in the same snappy voice say "Happy Valentines Day"...and I look up and on our dresser is a bouquet of flowers in this super chic vase and a card. Who felt like a heel now!?

He had the flowers delivered yesterday and hid them so he'd be the first one to wish me Valentines Day. And then went on and said, Your dad is sending you.....opps.... HA. My father always sends me something at work. I thought he only did it when I was single but has kept it up over the last 3 years! I have a feeling this might be the last year, but it's such a sweet thought. We have not always been the closest so it's NOT a daddy's little girl thing, because I am in no way a "daddy's little girl".

So now I'm up to bat, I have to head out and make sure i do something wonderful for my guy as he already made it perfect for me!

Making dinner is out..we're getting take out.
Sweet treats are out...he hates sweets.

So I have my thinking cap on!

Hope you guys have a wonderful day, some of you love it some of you hate it. But all in all it's a good Hallmark holiday. I've already sent a bunch of ecards (hey they're free!)


Lisagh said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Kimba! Let's spread the love all over the world (or at least all over N. America!) xoL

Chloe said...

Man and I celebrated at the weekend instead, which is good because he now has a serious cold and is acting like a baby! But today, I put mini pink glazed donuts in his lunch box (he's a teacher who has to eat with the kids, so I got him a LLBean lunch bag) with a heart attached to the bag. So when he sits down to eat, he'll get a sweet surprise!!

Libby said...

Aw, your Dad sounds like such a sweet guy! Happy Valentine's Day, Kimba!

Anonymous said...

Love that Dad sends you flowers, my Dad did that for many years, but stopped shortly after I got married, suppose he didn't want to ever out-do Hubby, ya know? Anyway, enjoy this LOVE-ly day- be careful out there if you venture out, it isn't a day for the booty :)

Nicole said...

I love that your dad sent you flowers. SO many girls would LOVE their dads to do that and they just DON'T. You are one lucky daughter!

Lilly said...

My dad always sends me flowers too. I think it's so sweet and always brightens my day.

Happy belated Valentines' Day!