Monday, February 19, 2007

Pres Weekend Update

If you're like me in the Northeast you're probably not at work today!

We had a great weekend with my dad! Friday we hung out at home and caught up did some wedding chat and headed to the Warren Tavern for dinner. It was way to cold to venture out very far. I had boiled Haddock and it was SO good, they have really great food.

Saturday we headed to the Samuel Adams Brewery in JP for a tour. It was ok what I was expecting, it was all about marketing and getting you to buy their beer. Nonetheless we had a good time, free beer is always a perk.

We headed back to Charlestown to grab lunch. I had wanted to go to the Tavern on the Water but they were not open yet, I thought lets go to Ironside, nope not open either. So it was back to the Warren Tavern, which was a great call we got a good table and had the best burgers.

Music Guy's parents came over to meet my father and we had dinner. It was a very nice time.

My dad's trip was very short, so we didn't go around and tour very many Boston "things". He and my stepmom come out about once a year so they've had their fill of, Freedom and trolley tours. This summer they're coming back to spend a long weekend and go to the Cape to see the wedding details.

Sunday evening we were back in Beacon Hill and let me tell you I do NOT miss it whatsoever. Of course it's a wonderful spot, but to crowed for me. I am enjoying our place more than i ever thought.

Yesterday I spent most of the day cleaning and catching up on laundry. AND I was able to watch all of my DVR'd One Tree Hills, it was great, I think I got about 10 out of the way. Funny how cleaning and listening to Brooke and Rachel being Clean Teens can keep one tuned in!

Lot more happened this weekend but it's such a lazy day and blogging has taken a backseat! I am enjoying seeing what you all have to say!

Is the ice in Boston not CRAZY????


jilly said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I love doing all of the touristy things in Boston!

Libby said...

The ice is gnarles barkley crazy!

Kimberly said...

That's a good one L, I love that song!