Thursday, February 08, 2007

Little slower than normal

Thank you guys for your well wishes, I'm just going to lay low for a while and let this puppy heal. That should be fun, i can't sit still for a second let alone have a weekend pass by. It'll be good for me to see if I can do it, though with Music Guy i don't have a choice.

I'm kind of sick of the same weather, cold cold cold. But at least it's not snowing, but if it does I'm wearing a "ski" boot so should be fine!

I had a little scare yesterday/today. Music Guy's sisters bridesmaid dresses got delivered to all the other girls but myself. It occurred to me they have my old address. I called and emailed them in a panic, and when I heard back from them they said it had shipped a few weeks ago and they were trying to track it. I thought I was freaking out before! Finally they called and said the person at my old place returned it to them this morning. And then said don't worry we would never tell the bride. Which I had to laugh, god bless those people who work with brides for a living! So all is well, dress should be to me by Monday!

Crazy busy day at work, I just wanted to drop in and saw howdy! I think I need to hobble to get a diet coke!

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