Tuesday, February 06, 2007


So I think I over did it at the gym/walking last week. And why I think that is because i strained my Achilles Tendon. It KILLS, i hobble around my house and now am wearing shoes that make me feel a nun would run after me to get her shoes back. I've been popping pills and it seems to help, I'm going to do some upper body workout at home with my "Shape" DVDs. At least it's something!

So with the brutal cold and my bum foot I've been taking the bus, but hoping to get back to walking SOON!

I'm sure a lot of you have noticed that E over at Suburban Cupcake is taking a little blogging break (cross fingers it's only a little break) and it also seems E over at Pink and Green Girl might follow suit (again fingers double crossed). And I completely support what ever they choose to do, of course I'll miss the updates and humor of their writing, but life gets crazy and to stress over what to blog about is just not fun. Not saying that's what happened just saying!

***24 talk*** if you didn't see last night's episode do NOT read on.

I was very disappointed with 24 last night. Were there way more commercials than normal, what was the deal? Oh and they wouldn't assume Jack's dad killed his brother right at the end after having time alone with him, regardless of what happened. Phhhleeesss. But I can't get to upset about it, next week is a 2 hour show which means there should be a twist, someone will die someone new will come on and then it's off to more Jack drama!

***Studio 60 talk***
I was on the other hand super pleased with Studio 60! I am VERY happy to have Danny and Jordan finally get together. They are extremely witty people and the two of them will have some good scenes together. I wish they'd get the darn animals out of the floor and start shooting! What else happened, oh more Matt and Harriet drama. It will be neat to see next week when they first met and started dating. I like the flash backs, they use to do that all the time on the West Wing. (Thanks Music Guy)

Hope you guys are staying warm. On CNN last night they were reporting live from my home town (Madison, WI) the coldest place in the country! My poor mother! But it's pretty cold here too! Bundle up my friends!


Lisa said...

I totally agree about 24! My husband and I love that show but it seems to be getting quite predictable lately. I hope you are right about next week's episode! I just found your blog...love it!

Maureen said...

In regards to your foot, you might want to see if you want to wear a compression stocking (of a light compression-8-15) on that foot. Also at Walgreens or Target see if there is something to help with arch support. There is also something called Salanpas and it is a patch that you put on the offending area and somehow it makes it feel better.
I have DVT and bone spurs and other things but like you have begun really going at it at the gym. My legs arches etc hurt. These are things I have found that help.

Libby said...

my question is: if Morris can program a bomb, why was he working in a shoe store last season? just doesn't add up-- and if Milo didn't what Morris to know about his brother then why the heck would he bother to the Chloe? And I could see bad-dad coming from a mile away... it would have been a better twist if dad was actually good!

Anonymous said...

I was a HUGE West Wing fan so I've embraced Studio 60 as well. (Of course I still refer to Bradely Whitford's character as Josh Lyman), very pleased about Danny/Jordan but I hope they don't make the whole show about relationships, that was what I loved so much about WW - it wasn't jsut a couple show. I also have a big crush on Steven Weber so I have gotten a good fix of him the past two weeks.

Libby said...

(that was supposed to read "to tell Chloe," not "to the Chloe.")

Just tagged you for a meme- get busy!

Anonymous said...

Aaah! Spoiler! (Squints at screen in an attempt to read posts without peeking!)