Friday, May 11, 2007

Why did she say no to Logan?

So I caught up on Gilmore Girls last night. And I am not happy to report Rory shot down my boy Logan. I haven't seen this weeks One Tree Hill so hopefully that will not also be a disappointment.

Heading to the Cape this weekend! We are also planning on staying over on Sunday night so that brings me to what to wear on Monday. My gal Suz and I have had endless conversations and laughs over Monday attire after a Hampton's or Cape weekend. On Friday it seems like a fab outfit, come Monday you look like a clown. You would think I could just pack a black suit and I'd be good to go. But no that is not the case.

I do about 99% of my packing on Thursday night as Friday I get picked up and we go. And when Thursday rolls around I feel a little more daring i.e. bright colors so I pack that way. There has been some bad combos, and shoes that's another issue. I can not tell you how many times I've left shoes either on the Cape or in the car. Yes I do have a box of shoes under my desk but that doesn't seem to help. I know I know, black shoes are black shoes.

Anywho, I am making myself only pack black suits for Mondays. Lets see how long that last!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the wonderful mums. Reading your stories about motherhood is very inspirational! Enjoy it's your weekend!


CBM said...

Have fun on the Cape, Kimba!

E said...

I'm on the Cape this weekend, too! Where are you? I'm on Woods Hole! Email me!!!

Anonymous said...

drawstring skirt (with capecodder stain)
flip flops

the perfect monday morning summer outfit!

Elizabeth H. said...

A friend of my hunsband's writes for One Tree Hill.

RED said...

Have a fabulous weekend! My office is pretty casual in the summer, so I typically rock the linen pants and a sleeveless shirt, feels summery, comfortable, and easy to pack!

amanda said...

Kimba, You were mad about Logan and Rory? I was pissed that Logan said it's all or nothing. Hello! He had all of that time to live his wild and crazy life and he wants to tie her down immediately after graduation? And...he proposed at her grad party?! I can't stand that. It drives me nuts when guys take a moment that belongs to a girl and makes it about him too....argh! I actually want them to be together too, but I was pissed that he got an attitude about it. I was excited that next week's preview involves Luke and Loralai kissing :)

suburban prep said...

Have a great time this weekend.
So sad to see Gilmore Girls leave the air.

Kimberly said...

CC stain, why when i hear that i don't even blink!

I sent you an email E!

Kimberly said...

A, you're right I did NOT like the all or nothing. But it was sad to see them just end.

Is next week the last show ever?

EH, isn't it crazy Shopie Bush and Chad MM were married in real life? I swear it had to make working on the set a little dicey!

Libby said...

NOT FAIR, you two CANNOT meet up on the cape without the rest of us!!

(ps: they were married for like a year, right?)

(pps: have a great weekend!)

Anonymous said...

Despite the fact that I'm sleeping in my very own bed Sunday night, in solidarity I'll make sure to spill some beer on my shirt or wine on my shoes or somethng.