Saturday, May 12, 2007

A little late to the party!

Bloggin on a Saturday?/! About to head to the gym to crush the stair stepper! HA!

I finally was able watch our cute West Coast Gal Debbie on the Instant Beauty Pageant on the Style Network. Debbie and her BFF Nicole were TOO cute! How fun is it to sit down and watch TV and say "Oh that's Debbie" as if you are use to seeing her everyday!

I am not just saying this but the two of them where the best of them all. Just think of the other girls minus preppy add LA wanna be's.

Her B and Charlie (doggie) also made an appearance and it sealed the deal for the super cute family on the left coast thus far! Debbie did a great job and I hope if you haven't checked it out you are DVR'ing it now.

ok ok...gym here i come! giddy up!


suburban mom said...

Man...I totally need to get back to the gym.... :)

Preppy Wedding said...

Check out my blog! I did a storyboard for your wedding :)

Debbie said...

Thanks so much Kimba! You are so sweet. Nicole and I had so much fun doing the show!

You are the bext!