Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My Morning Joe

I turned on the TV this morning to do an onDemand workout video and the TV was on MSNBC to my surprise Joe Scarborough was doing the morning show. If you remember I am pretty fond of the Ex-GOP Congressman! Scroll to the bottom to get to the good stuff.
Seeing Joe on is like seeing Anderson Cooper in the morning for all you AC fans!

Didn't end up making it out to the Sail Loft last night. Long story.

My mom is headed to Palm Beach for a long weekend, now that does not suck. Even though it's Mother's Day weekend isn't it necessary for her to bring me something back? She and my aunt love to go into all the fun PB and Boca stores and send me pictures of things they think I would like. Cruel...simply cruel.

I have a feeling we'll be headed to the Cape for Mother's Day weekend, our Cape weekends could not come soon enough.

Not much else to report, a lot going on in the Kimba household so I'm hoping to be checking in to your blogs more than blogging myself. Unless something truly blog worthy comes up!


Hannah Lane said...

I love the Cape and we are headed down there this weekend too! If I could be down there all summer I would in a heartbeat!

suburban prep said...

I loved being able to watch Joe this morning too. He was relaxed and funny.

Libby said...

"Unless something truly blog worthy comes up"

As if, Kimba, there is anything that isn't blog worthy!

Kimberly said...

SP, "relaxed and funny AND HOT" :) The no tie thing works for him!

L, you got me again! That is so true, I will update now that i just thought of something!

Anonymous said...

a souvenier is definitely still a good idea.

CBM said...

Not surprised you were watching national news...we didn't seem to be a fan of anyone on local TV when we discussed it the other day! LOL

Kimberly said...

CBM, good catch! I have to watch the local news to keep up on any gossip. Heaven forbid I have people over and can not tell them what so and so is up to after being canned!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

He is a cutie!; )