Monday, May 14, 2007

Speaking of wedding...

Our very own Mrs Peppy Wedding has out done herself again! She has come up with a Kimba & Music Guy (more Kimba thank you very much!) wedding storyboard. Big hugs to Jen for taking the time and finding some great ideas for my perfectly preppy wedding! Who would not LOVE whale truffles?

I love the use of Navy and White and of course I would like to have our own wedding monogram. I am keeping my very own storyboard in a very safe place!


We had a fabulous weekend.

Friday evening we spent the night out on the deck listening to some tunes and the Red Sox game. I also was able to catch up with Suz via our wireless devises. She is too much! :)

I got up early on Saturday and went over to Beacon Hill to check out the vineyard vines totes. If you remember I had posted about one being on hold for me and then when I went to pick it up it was gone. Well I saw the totes in the window and I have to say I am not really a fan. It is what they say. A classic tote with the pattern Beacon Hill Street Signs and green signs. I'm not sure what I was thinking it would look like but sure not that. So I'm on the fence with it.

After my trip to the old hood I set off for a great Saturday morning workout! After I got home we packed up and made our way south on Rt.3. We made great time and were able to catch the whole sox game when we arrived. Saturday evening was a normal evening when we're on the Cape great laughs and great food.

Sunday we all headed out on Music Guy's parents boat. It was a bit chilly but nothing a few fleeces couldn't take care of! It was so nice to be back out on the water. I am looking forward to this summer for so many reason that of which a big one!

We stayed over last night and headed back to the city first thing this morning. It only took us 2 hours to get back. Traffic was of course heavy around Hingham and again after the Braintree split but to be able to wake up and be on the Cape you'll take sitting in traffic. Well I did today, talk to me come July and I'm not so light on the subject!

All in all we had a very low key weekend which was needed. A freakishly busy week a head and of course my Sox play everyday this week and to the Tigers to boot. The last Gilmore Girls ever will air tomorrow night. Lots of emotion in my household. Thursday A from fave couple and I will head to Newbury Street to check out bridesmaid dresses. Should be fun! :)

**Please note I in no way get any kickback or perks for blogging about things I like, enjoy, am a fan of, got it!**


E said...

I love that we seem to have a new """"anonymous"""" (please note the heavy and sarcastic quotes) trolling around the preppy blogosphere. LOVE IT.

sisters with style said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend...I wish I could live by a nice body of water as you do! What a great way to spend summers.

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Sounds like a great weekend!

That was so sweet of Jen to do that. Where some girls get all this talent, beyond me! So nice. And, for the record-I would LOVE to eat a whale truffle!

RED said...

I can't wait for weekends down the shore and on the boat! I am so jealous of your weekend! Sounds perfect!!

Monogram Momma said...

Don't you just *love* "anonymous" comments??? Ughh.

Libby said...

huh? who's the anonymous? i'm so out of the loop!

Niki said...

Usually a lurker. Come by and check out my blog and join my first contest ever! lol. I have very few entries, at this point.

jilly said...

Oh I LOVE the storyboard, that is awesome and I LOVE the monogram!

I so miss the Cape, I love being up at the lake, but it is just not the same.

SBCVandy said...

I am so glad you had a great weekend. It sounds like such a relaxing time. I can't wait to visit the Cape someday.

Anonymous said...

I guess that's why I am loving my "for your eyes only" blog - keeps the freaks away :)

Anyway, I am jealous of your Cape adventure - I am trying to get Hubby to buy into a Cape weekend (he despises the summer traffic & crowds - can't say that I blame him, but c'mon, it's all worth it, right??)

Love the storyboard idea -

Anonymous said...

PS ... Kimba, I can't seem to email you with an invite. Drop me an email at: