Monday, May 21, 2007

Where has the day gone?

Late post today!

The weekend was wonderful, quick but great! Though it was as Libby has described it was "a wash". But none of our plans were interrupted!

Friday was a very fun evening for J's birthday. When ever you can get parents and kids together it's always enjoyable.

Saturday I had a super cute and preppy baby shower for a lovely friend of ours. Every detail was to die for and she got a ton of preppy baby items for her preppy daughter on the way! After the shower we had some couples over, for a post baby shower party! Of course no one there was having a baby so it quickly turned into a mini dance party!

Sunday was a very low key day around the house, by that time I was pretty sick of the rain and was all set in dealing with going out anywhere.

I'm headed to the Vineyard this weekend and can not wait. It's J's bachelorette party and we've rented a house, needless to say this will be one tame week! Keeping my fingers we have a beach day!


Libby said...

Thank you! Now I can finally get some work done. (Lucky you to be headed out to the Vineyard for the long weekend!)

IrishEyes said...

Safe travels! We will be anxious for your update next week! :-)

jilly said...

Cannot WAIT to hear about the Vineyard!