Friday, June 08, 2007

You would know me if you saw me

For all my Sox fans out there you'll appreciate this.

As most of you know (or should know) Curt Shilling had a no hitter going into the 9th with two outs.

Here it goes.....

I spent a total of 4.6 seconds at my desk yesterday as i was holed up in a conference room with only a power bar and diet coke in me (read as yummy food all around but I didn't give in).

I went to the gym right after the meeting and spent a total of 53 minutes on the treadmill. Why you ask? Because the Sox were playing and Shilling had a no hitter going. I finally left and ran up to my desk grabbed my stuff and headed out. I called Music Guy to see how the game was going and he said Shill was still going! I decided it would be a fabulous idea to start running. Mind you I had my workout bag and had just ran for 53 minutes. I work in the Financial District and sprinted to Faneuil Hall dodging tourist, homeless, men dressed like Sam Adams you name it I passed them. I got down by the Purple Shamrock and saw that Oakland was pitching so I kept going. Finally I got to The Point and ran in to see where the game was at. It was the top of the 9th and I knew I wouldn't be able to make it home and this was the last bar I would hit. So I did what any Sox fan would do, ordered a Miller Lite. I stood there dripping in sweat enjoying an ice cold ML watching the first two batters hit a grounder to Lugo. Bottom of the 9th two outs all we needed was one more out and Shilling would have his first ever no hitter. Bamn... line drive into right. FUCK was the only thing you could here in the bar. I quickly finished my beer and headed home. Right when I walked outside I got the worst cramping in my poor tummy, I guess running and chugging a beer was not what it was up for. So then I got home and it seemed up for another!

Music Guy is on the Cape, went over the bride at 10 this morning, must be nice! :)

I am still up in the air about if i'm going, i have a feeling i'll end up heading down. I was thinking about going for a run from my office to Charlestown picking up my car and 15 totes and heading back to work. Good idea?

Have a super weekend!


Anonymous said...

What a game - poor Schill !!

Libby said...

"So I did what any Red Sox fan would do, ordered a Miller Light."

You are too funny, lady! I don't think it's such a big deal that he shook off Tekkie, he did it a few times during the game... still... there will always be that big ol' "What if?" hanging over it.

Have a great weekend!

J said...

That is something only a true Sox fan would do! Good for you!

M said...

That's awesome. Well, that pitch was NOT awesome, but such a good story. I have a feeling this will be one of those times when everyone will "remember where I was when Curt pitched the almost no-hitter".

Beth G. said...

Just found your blog-I'm a Sox fan too and I laughed out loud at your post!

Kimba Rimba said...

Beth welcome to Kimbaland! I enjoy your blog also! Cute title!!!