Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Hi all! We had a fab weekend in the city! I got out of work early on Friday and showed Kel around Quincy Market, then we walked through Beacon Hill to meet up with J for an early dinner. We strolled down Newbury Street and stopped to have dinner outside at Joe's. There is nothing better than sitting outside people watching! I can't tell you how many times i've been there, I just love it!

Kel and I walked through the Public Garden and down Charles St before we figured out where to next! We hopped into a cab and headed to The Tavern on the Water down in the Navy Yard, we made it just in time for the start of the Sox game. It was pretty busy but we were able to score some seats at the bar! I had met her right from work so needless to say I wasn't in "going out clothes" not that I even have them, but I looked a little to dressed up. I had on a navy and cream polka dot JCrew skirt with a cream sweater set and pearls. So shoot me I wasn't in a tube top! I prefer not to look like a tramp in public! We took off after the Sox crushed the Giants and made a quick stop into the Warren Tavern. I mean she couldn't come to Charlestown and not go there no could she! It was fun chatting with all the Townies, again another place the patrons were not a fan of my outfit.

Saturday morning we were up and out pretty early catching the Trolley in the Navy Yard. We stayed on the entire time, every time I learn something new about my city! I did however get a little trolley sick, it was pretty bumpy!

Next it was off to Fenway, we talked around Landsdown Street and grabbed a table at Tequila Rain. Got some good appetizers and beers and again watched the Sox hammer Bonds and his Giants. Then it was off to the Cask where we were able to get a table outside and still see the TV's. Now that is people watching. At the top of the 9th we jumped into a cab and got the heck out of there. I've been stuck down there to many times after the games and it's not fun, unless it's the playoffs! We went back to the Ironside for an early dinner and then back to my place to lay low. We had some pretty late nights and just relaxing with a cocktail at home seemed like a great idea to both of us!

I took Kel to the airport early that next day and came home and spent the afternoon urban sunbathing with a decktail. It was a perfect afternoon to wrap up a perfect weekend. When the sun started to go down I got on the couch and watched all my chick DVR's as Music Guy stayed on the Cape for Father's Day.

Back to work yesterday, which meant back to the gym. I have a semi short week. My father and step mom fly in on Thursday afternoon for a long weekend, I'm working a couple hours Friday morning and then it's down to the Cape for the weekend! Needless to say it's a busy week again for a Kimba!

Hope you all are enjoying this great MUGGY weather! Woohoo Summer has arrived!


Ladybug's Picnic said...

I'm sitting here laughing thinking of you wearing a cream sweater set to Tequila Rain! Not that you did but the image just popped into my head!

Sounds like a fab weekend all-around. I call a Boston blog gal meetup sometime SOON.

J said...

I didn't even know that you could go to Tequila Rain during daylight hours !

Libby said...

I second Erin's call for a Blog gal meetup!

(Sounds like it was a very successful weekend!)

Kimba Rimba said...

I too would enjoy a Boston blog gals evening soon! July 13th i'm out of town...

J, yep even Bill's Bar was open. It takes a little getting use to!

sisters with style said...

Boston sounds so fabulous! I really need to check it out! Big H's brother attends school there and he graduates next May so I know I'll be there! You and Libby make it sound just great.

J said...

I forgot to add that I'd definitely be up for a Boston bloggers rendezvous!

Libby said...

Nice, J's going to be in attendance!

CBM said...

Glad you had a great weekend with your cousin, K! I hope the cream sweater set survived a night on the town!
As you know, I'm also all for a blog gal meetup... Will email.