Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Busting up a Starbucks

I thought I'd treat myself to a latte this morning, mind you I have not had a latte/coffee in weeks. I have had my fair share of Diet Mt. Dews and Diet Cokes, but this latte is strong!

Not too much to report. I am trying to plan a trip to Milwaukee in July to look at wedding dresses with my mom and also go to a Brewers game. I have not seen the Brew Crew in forever, it would be a blast and then I could stay with my bro which is always trouble!!!!

Even though I had a super busy/long day at work yesterday I was still able to hit the gym for a really good work out and even walked home!

I am not a huge fan of the Sox having a West Coast road trip this week. I would love to be able to stay up and watch the games, but i just can't do it. Well they've lost the last two (three if you count Sunday) so it seems I'm not missing much. But you get me, right?/!

Libby knows my love for Mike Lowell and pointed out he (in her words) "just-for-mened"
his facial hair and now I think that could have been a deal breaker. I'm at a loss!

Hope you guys are having a great hump day!


Donna said...

When will you be in Milwaukee? We have a wedding the last weekend in July. I would love to take you to lunch! You know I read so many blogs...mostly found through yours, but yours is my No. 1 fav.

MC said...

If he "touches up" the sides of his hair, he could be the first celebrity Just for Men spokesman. It'd be awesome.

Libby said...

Yep, he just-for-mened it!! That's what I keep saying to hubby, who keeps reminding me that women color their hair all the time... I know what you mean about the West Coast thing- 11 pm rolls around and they're only in the top of the thrid- I can't do it!

Sarah said...

i am not a sports fan at all but something about mike lowell is so pleasant. i feel like everyone must know someone who looks kind of like him, and that does it for me. he's like a handsome "everyman". mike is ok in my book!

Kimba Rimba said...

Donna, that would have been great, i'm going the middle of July. Next time!:)

I'm happy you found the blog world we love to have you! I love that you read my blog and enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!

IrishEyes said...

Milwaukee in July rocks! And you will be able to stock up on your supply of cheese curds and brats to take back to Charlestown!

M said...

I hadn't even noticed Mike's makeover. I like him better gray!