Monday, June 11, 2007

Weeked Recap

We spent the weekend on the Cape (shocking) and it was lovely!

Music Guy went down in the morning so I had to drive myself which was fine expect it took me exactly one hour to get to the Braintree split. For those of you who are not familiarly with the Boston area that is 11.8 miles south of Boston/Charlestown. But I did not have a back up at the bridge!

Saturday we woke up at 6:30am for no reason other than the damn birds would not shut up! I went for an hour long run on the beach, my legs are killing me. I ran to where we got engaged and like a sap put our wedding song on my iPod and just walked along for a few minutes. Then it was back to Fall Out Boy and full speed.

We looked like it was going to rain all day so we did not end up going fishing or even to the beach. So what else do you do on the Cape when not on the water? Go the the Christmas Tree Shop of course! I bought way to much crap, it is still in my car, I am waiting to be home alone before I bring it in. ha!

Saturday night we thought it would be a great idea to do tapas. We all had to come up with a recipe and it was so much fun. We had this great appetizer grilled peppers and motz, you grill up the peppers and slices of french bead add a slice of pepper to the bread, motz and a basel leaf then drizzle it with evoo and capers. Yum-o!
We then made curried chicken skewers with this crazy peanut dipping sauce (sorry Suz). And my all time fave pizza on the grill with goat cheese and basel. I would like to take credit for that, i saw it on the Food Network and knew it would be super yummy! You roll it on and coat one side with Olive Oil grill that for about 10 minutes and then flip coat the other side and let it grill up for about the same amount of time. I am all of a sudden drawing a blank on what else we made. I know Music Guy's mom took pictures so I'll post those when we sends them out!

Sunday deserves it's own post, I'll run through some of the details and post pictures later. We got up and left right away because we wanted to beat the traffic, we did beat the traffic over the bridge but ended up in a 6 mile backup from a 4 car accident, not that sweet!

We got back into the city and found out every street leading to Charlestown was closed off. Yes people it was Bunker Hill Day and the Towines are f'in nuts! We knew our street was closed because the parade goes right down our street. We had to park in the 99 restaurant parking lot and haul all our shit down the street. Townies are not fans of preppies, I had 4 tote bags and a JCrew shopping bag (two of the totes were vineyard vines). I got the worse looks and I'm thinking F you people, get out of Charlestown for once!
We got back poured a beer into a solo and sat on the sidewalk watching the parade. You'll see what I mean when you see the pictures!

Finally it was time to get ready for dinner with their Priest, he is marrying Music Guy's sister and also us. We have dinner with him a few times a year, he is the best!
Music Guy had on a pink button up and blazer with jeans and I wore my blogging party outfit navy dress with an argyle sweater, I had my sweater around my shoulders. He walked to CVS to get cash and one of the townies said "Nice pink shirt you fag". Nothing beats drunk assholes!

I'm going to post the pictures from the parade, all i can saw is wow these people love their Bunker Hill!


Libby said...

What the hell is the matter with people? Comments like the one from that guy in CVS really make me angry.

(the rest of your weekend sounds delightful, though!)

A from Fave Couple said...

Ry wore a blazer?? :)

Kimba Rimba said...

Yep! I wondered if someone like you might pick up on that!

Where were you guys?

dmmlandcruiser said...

Where do you go on the Cape? I know just what you mean about the Braintree split!