Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sad Sad Sad

A sure way to ruin my Sunday would be to tell me Billy Mays is dead. Oh wait...

Love love love, that guy!

A few details are coming out on TMZ about him being hit in the head while landing on a US Air flight after a tire blew out. Seems it could have been a concussion and then he went to sleep, but who knows. So so sad! We're huge PitchMen fans in this house, not to mention HUGE Billy Mays fans! Its just tragic!

A tough week in the public eye indeed!

I would say my favorite Billy Mays clip is The Awesome Auger so freaking funny! We're also very proud OxiClean users in this house!

Sad day at Chez Jones! It's all you now Sully!

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