Monday, June 08, 2009

About Time ATK & Tweets

After some time off, I'm finally ready to get myself back into the blogging world! 

A big part of my time has been taking up by this thing called "running"! I have been training for my first road race and am happy to report the race is this weekend! It was reported one of the hardest races in it's class for official certified races in the US. Good job Kimba, way to pick em'! 

Last Thursday I attended my first TweeUp at the Rattlesnake in Boston, I would hope all of you would know what a "TweetUp" is by now, but if you're not on Twitter you may not so it's exactly what it sounds like. A Twitter Meet Up, and it was a great time. I will tell you I stuck out more then you could imagine. When you're in a room (or in this case a roof, "roofup") with a group of people who have been ahead of the technology curve most of the blogs they follow are not preppy blogs! Which was great for me as I was able to talk to them about a whole other world in the blogsphere

Long story short I was of course nervous going as I didn't know anyone there (well one gal!) and 99% of the people I follow are my preppy blog friends, so I was about to walk into a room (roof) and just have to put myself out there and it was fabulous! I met a bunch of great people and finally got the push to do something different with my blog, and who knows what else! I'm happy I went and at the end of the day it shows how truly small of a world it is and how great it can be when many different interest come together through something we all love! Twitter!

Check out my sassy new BostonTweet Widget on my sidebar (as if i needed to point it out) if you're in Boston you should stop on over and add it to your site! You know me I don't use the word sassy unless I truly mean it! 

I am HAPPY to be back back back!!!


Phillip said...

That was my first tweetup too! Went to another tonight...becoming a pro! - @PhillEdwards

The Preppy Princess said...

Hey Miss Kimba, we love your blog no matter what you decide to do with it! Good for you on the 'walking into a room full of semi-strangers,' that's one we're *still* not very good at!

And how cool about the race this weekend, yes, you do know how to pick 'em it seems!

Smiles to you,

lisagh said...

The more Kimba the better! That's my motto :)

Preppy Sue said...

Good luck this weekend!!

Nina Diane said...

yeah! good luck with the run this weekend.
and I for one, am glad you are back to the blog world!!