Saturday, June 13, 2009

A few last thoughts...

So the big run is tomorrow! And I am pretty nervous, I know i'll do well but still the nerves are there. MG said he'll take some pictures so I can post them tomorrow, you'll all enjoy the matchy matchy outfit I have planned to run in. Oh also have I told you yet that it is suppose to POUR rain the entire day. The upside is I love running in rain the down side is we're throwing a "Bunker Hill Day par-tay" after the race and before/during/after the parade. (Rolling cooler, check!). So we may not be able to extend the "BHDP" onto the deck, but we'll figure it out! I'll be happy to have the race out of the way! (And start training for my next one!)

I also have to tweak my running mix, not enough "jazzy" songs in the beginning. I need to add some more hip hop and switch the flow.

Had drinks with work people yesterday, it cracks me up when they tell me how they perceive me. I come off as: buttoned up and that I don't have any fun. HA, pretty sure that's an inaccurate statement. Also gave my boss the ins and outs on blogging and twittering. He knew about my blog, but explained the "tweet up" and he thought I was crazy. I also told him that I have referred to him as Rob Lowe on twitter, he was flattered. ha!

It feels good to be blogging again, highlight of my day reading your comments!

Also for those of you who have emailed me about the BostonTweet Widget, head on over to BostonTweet and get one for yourself! I've been surprised by the number of emails I've gotten around it, happy you guys like it! The guy behind BostonTweet is pretty cool himself! 

Thanks for all of your support, i'll make Team Kimba proud with a good showing tomorrow! OH and Fave Couple are running it also, good luck A & B!!!! MG is watching Baby Will, so good luck to him too! 


Preppy Sue said...

Hope it went well and the rain held off for your run!

MCW said...

I am glad your back! You are one of the first blogs I started reading.
This is my first comment...
I hope the race went well!

IrishEyes said...

Good for you kimba! Anxious to hear your thoughts from your first big race!

Brittany said...

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