Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Last "Big" Run before Sunday...

Which I waited until after work to complete as I knew it would be raining/misting and I LOVE running in the rain! And that it was a consent mist, more like it was spitting on you, I ended up running twice what I was suppose to, but who's counting! (Be careful on wet brick, I almost bit it while running around Kendall and MIT, but saved myself before I had a issue on my hand!)

This past weekend was Sara's big bach party, it was so much fun and I'm waiting to get pictures from the other girls to upload and show you just how freaking cute she was! 

A busy week and weekend ahead, ahhh...summer is in full swing! Happy to be staying in the City this weekend, will be able to give a little TLC to my blog! Also I nixed the idea of putting "Follow @KimbaKimba" on the back of my running shirt. Funny but not sure the audience would get it! Though i'm a little bummed my "TEAM ATK" shirts haven't arrived! Next race!

I'm back...slowly...but back!


Sarah said...

I almost want to get a sticker that says follow@pinkshoe for my car. Then I remembered what an @sshole driver I am and decided against it.

Anonymous said...

Love the shirt idea! Lots of luck with your race - GO KIMBA (think if I yell loud enough, you'll hear me from Central MA?)

Anonymous said...

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