Friday, June 13, 2008

Tough to take

Tim Russert was one of the biggest influences in American Political journalism. 

Every Sunday morning was spent watching Meet the Press in my house. This is one of the biggest elections our Country will ever see and it is so sad to know we'll be going through this without him.

Tim spent a lot of time in Boston as his son attended Boston College. We would see him all the time attending Sox games and he just moved his father into a retirement home here. So very sad. My heart goes out to his family who were in Italy continuing there vacation Tim had just returned from when they heard the news.

Chris Matthews said it best "We lost our quarterback tonight".


Melissa said...

I was shocked and sad to hear this! I feel so bad for his family...

Libby said...

I came across this:

" ‘My dad bought tickets way up in the nosebleeds,’ Russert says. ‘I went down the aisle and tried desperately to get autographs. This one baseball player, Joe Pepitone, pushed me aside and I was crushed. I came back to my seat very dejected and my dad said, ‘What happened?’ I explained it to him and he said, ‘Don’t ever forget that. It takes as much time to be nice to someone as it does to be a jerk.’ It has stayed with me my entire life."

He was a good man.

Lilian said...

Hi! I used to read your blog all the time 'til you went private. What luck...I looked in today and you're un-private! Can I subscribe to your blog?
And yes, Sundays are not the same without Mr Russert.