Sunday, June 15, 2008

Only ok if you're Kimba....

I had a wonderful weekend! More on the weekend later, this post is just about today.

Today in Charlestown was the Bunker Hill Road Race, I knew A & B would be running so I laced up my running shoes and set out in the pouring rain to check out the festivities and to try to locate them in the Navy Yard before they took off. Successful on both counts! I saw all of the Townies set up their chairs and reserve their spots on Main Street for the race and the parade and was able to wish A & B luck! I came back home quickly and showered (have never been so soaked) as I was walking out the door I saw Music Guy give B a high five! Bummed I missed him run by but MG was there and I screamed GO BILLY, to only realize I was only screaming to myself!

Coll picked me up and we headed North to attend a fabulous graduation party for the oh so fab Libby! Can I just please preface that if Coll and I ever plan to attend somewhere we've never been and we're together we absolutely under no circumstance will be able find the place on the first try. I'm just saying... We cruised the strip of Hampton Beach at 11:30am and of course had to stop for A) gas and B) help...decked out in white, pink, navy and pearls with a Lilly dress hanging in the back. We threw our Vineyard Vines totes in the backseat and went on our way (with directions of course). We knew we were on the right rode and felt pretty confident....we said lets look for the house with balloons and we'll know that has to be it. So we found the house with balloons and pulled over both thinking to ourselves this right? I looked at the gal in the front yard and she sure looked at me, i checked the address and well not the house...mind you we were pretty much parked and out the door (well I was). Back on route and only another few blocks we arrived at our destination. We were greeted by Libs and Devil Dog.... Best greeting ever if you ask me!

We had a wonderful time and was so tickled to be able to meet Libby's wonderful friends and family. We have a picture of us three that i'll post this week! (Thanks D!)

We headed back to Boston (found our way NO problem) and Coll dropped me off in Beacon Hill for our Father's Day celebration! It was a wonderful afternoon!

We're back home now and Charlestown is still rocking, these Townies are pretty crazy!!!

I'm ready for the Celtics this evening, but spending a good hour + running around town in the pouring rain it will be a struggle to stay up...BUT I know they'll take it tonight so I'm ready!!!!!!


PS, anyone watch the US Open yesterday? T.I.G.E.R....we watched history last night with those two putts!

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Libby said...

I am still so happy that you two were there on Sunday, it made my day!