Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jacked up

My bloglines is on crack, it shows I have the number of post you've written total I have left to read. Boooo

I worked a lot this weekend and also did some cleaning. It was nice to be home this weekend as we'll be heading down to the Cape on Thursday for the weekend. And then the following weekend I'll be leaving for Wisconsin on Thursday for Liane's wedding. Yeah!!!

Off to the gym, I should just run outside it is WONDEFUL outside!


suburban prep said...

Have a great weekend and relax.

IrishEyes said...

YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!!! I missed YOU!!!! Welcome back!! More pictures and details please of how the wedding is coming along!!

IrishEyes said...

I should have also said, I missed your humor! Thanks for taking the time to blog again at such a busy junction of your life!