Monday, October 05, 2009

Menu Monday = weak

This week will be odd with our travel and work schedules, but I'll give it a shot.

Monday: Smart Ones - Chicken Quesadilla; one of my faves though it be because it's "ok" to smear low fat sour cream on them

Tuesday: Cereal - Raisin Bran; my single girl meal as I'm flying solo for dinner tonight

Wednesday: I won't be home until late from a work event so I may add cereal or a turkey sandwich in here depending on when I finally get home

Thursday: Chicken something or other if i remember to take the chicken out of the freezer Wed night. RJ always whips up something impressive off the cuff.

Friday: We have plans, they're TBD but chances are dinner won't be at home

Though it's an off week, I said I would post the menu so that is what I did. I can't promise it will always be top notch and sassy but I'm at least being honest! :)


lisagh said...

I admire anyone who takes the time to plan a menu. Bravo!

KK said...

Love that you posted a meal plan that includes cereal and smart ones. This is my kind of menu planning! :)

Lauren said...

You sound like me last week. One night I had chocolate cake and a beer for dinner. I won't lie though, it was good!