Tuesday, February 24, 2009

An un-post

I ran for over an hour after work and then walked the freedom trail home, so my idea of a grand post as to wait for another day!

The time and location is set for this Saturday and I can't wait!!! I will be meeting three new preppy bloggers and reuniting with two lovelies I haven't seen in over a year! 
If you're thinking why is Kimba getting so excited over this...well if you've been following you know how fabulous these outings are!!! And good blogging material also tends to proceed these events!


Shhhhh, the President is starting!!!


Ladybug's Picnic said...

Seriously, I haven't seen you & J in A YEAR? I'm pretty psyched that I'm not pregnant this time around, whoo hoo! Can't wait for Sat!

lisagh said...

I was just emailing with E and I'm SOOOO sad I won't see you guys this weekend. Last time was such fun. Oh well... one day soon. As I told E, have a cheer for me - I'll be there in spirit.

hqm said...

Oh, how I wished I lived in Boston!
Have a great time!