Thursday, August 09, 2007

What's in your lunch bag?

Mine contains a Lean Cuisine Chicken Club Panini. I just loves these things! If you haven't tried them I highly recommend them! They really do crisp up and are yum-o!

Quick Nutrition Facts
Fat 9g
Calories 320
Vitamin A - 10%DV
Calcium - 35%DV
Vitamin C - 4%DV
Dietary Fiber - 13%DV
Weight Watchers® Points® 7

AND 24grams of protein!


Sarah said...

i LOVE those paninis. They really do get crispy - same with their flat bread pizzas <3

Kimba Rimba said...

And the regular pizzas, two of those late night and i'm set for bed! :)

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

I love them too and the pizzas! Yum.

suburban prep said...

Looks great. Will have to try.

RED said...

I love the paninis and the pizzas (heck, I actually dig most of the LC meals)- easy and delicious - they were my lunch staple for years.
I always try to keep some in the freezer here at the office for emergency lunches (when I forget mine/no time to step out) or emergency dinners when I'm here way too late! Bon Appetite!

dmmlandcruiser said...

I'm off today and I think my lunch will be the Oreo Overload from Cold Stone Creamery down at the Derby Shops.

I think I need an intervention!

IrishEyes said...

turkey burger, cucumber slices with pepper, and I will slice an apple, microwave it and put on a dab of fat free cool whip. yours looks far better! :-)

Perfectly Plump Preppy said...

I love these panini's. Actually I only eat the chicken club with a side of carrot sticks. I missed them when I was off carbs.

sisters with style said...

You know, I've always seen this but never tried them b/c I just didn't know they would be good or not. Thanks for the tip!

Debbie said...

OK, I saw this post and I'm not kidding I got up from my desk and went to the grocery store and picked it up. I'm eating it right now.

So Yummy!! thanks