Thursday, August 16, 2007

Weekend recap on a Thursday?


Thursday already? Though all day yesterday I thought it was Thursday!

So as for last weekend, we didn't go down Friday evening as it was suppose to be crappy on Saturday morning and we wouldn't be able to get out on the boat first thing. We had a fun evening in the city, stayed home and caught up on some DVR and cleaning! I was so happy when Music Guy agreed to call Suz, they had a very nice chat! Pretty classic.

Saturday we got up early and headed down to the Cape, stopped off in Plymouth to check out some houses. Though we love the area, we just can't leave the city and are looking for places in Charlestown to buy. That's a whole other post!

We got out on the boat in the afternoon and stayed til about 7:30, it was great, we got on some good sized blue fish but that was about it. Nice to be out, not a cloud in the sky and the water was dead calm.

We were super lazy on Saturday night, as some of you know I just finished reading In her Shoes and have not seen the movie. I went to a local video store on the Cape hoping to pick it up well...I walk in and the older guy at the counter tells me they're having a sale on adult DVD's, great thanks. Shocker they do not have the movie. I head a little farther down Rt. 132 and stop at the Hollywood Video look for a good 10 minutes can't find it finally ask they tell me it's in the Drama section, guess I should have looked there. Ok great, they have it I go to pay for it, "no I do not have a card, can I sign up" video lady "no, we're closing tomorrow and we can't take any more memberships". Fantastic, second video store and this movie can't be that good. So now I'm on a mission. I finally go to Blockbuster (should have gone there from the beginning) and they have it and I can rent it. Well it seems the last time I rented from Blockbuster was in Wisconsin so they have to set up with with a whole new account. And wouldn't you know the kid helping me has zero idea what he is doing...about 15 minutes later I'm out the door with the movie!

We decided we were going to order pizza, quick and easy. I stop by Jack's Pizza to place our order and have it delivered. I waited a while before they took my order, then the credit card machine was not working, so they ran my card about 5 times charging me all 5 times none the less, so they had to figure that out. Finally I had my order placed and I was on my way back to pop in the movie. About an hour later Music Guy says, I think you should call about the pizza, so happens they had it sitting there for me to pick up, even though I was charged the delivery fee and it said "FOR DELIVERY" on the slip. So after all that we got our movie and pizza and were in bed before 11:30pm.

Some wonderful text came through later that evening...errr morning! Thanks Suz, that's my girl!

Sunday we hit the outlets and I came up empty handed, which is a good thing as I don't really have room for any more clothes! Music Guy made out well on Tax Free day, thanks Commonwealth!

This is the last weekend before Music Guy sister J's wedding, he's already sending me 10-15 day forecast! :) We can't wait!!!!! One week from today the festivities kick off!


Suz said...

It was a treat getting to talk to MG - although he called me from his cell phone and now I have his number so those two fools got plenty of early morning texts from me :)

IrishEyes said...

what a night you had! so did you like the movie?

Rebecca Jill said...

Hee! Yes I was wondering after all the trouble you went through to get the movie, if you liked it? I've actually have only seen the movie and have not read the book.

Every now and then we have pizza issues like that, too. So maddening!

Kimba Rimba said...

I did like the movie! I would suggest to anyone who hasn't read the book or seen the movie to just see the movie!

A lot easier!