Monday, January 04, 2010

One thing that should never touch Lilly....


The picture did not come out as clear as I had thought. Though I was standing at the bus stop on NYE waiting to get home to start another long weekend. I didn't leave the office before the snow started so I had no choice but to put Lilly out in the snow. But a bus came shortly after so I safely got her in the warmth where all Lilly belongs!

Cheers to a WONDERFUL 2010, pinky swear! (I took that one from the fab Clemsongirl, cause that's how I roll)


Hemstitch & Hydrangea said...

Kimba! As dramatic as this sounds- I know how fun your life is! Wishing you a fab 2010! and would love a day in your life! Hope you are great! How and WHERE is LIBBY?

Kimba said...

You're too sweet! You my dear are ready for a fab 2010!!

Libby hasn't been around too much on blogs/twitter, but I do see her on facebook and she's doing wonderful!!

Speaking of twitter, you need to join if you're not on there already!