Thursday, January 21, 2010

At least I laugh at myself!

A little recap of my latest trip will come shortly, but as I sit in the LAX airport I have to tell you about two little "All Things Kimba" that happened.

I have this very bad habit of reading tweets/blogs in bed on my iPhone. I don't do it at home anymore, but It's more of bad habit of reading them all the time.
So I was at the hotel not ready to get up but was checking my phone and then set it down on my blanket. A little while later I pulled the blanket up to cover my shoulders and my phone went flying and smacked me right under the eye, I jumped up right away to double check it wasn't suddenly black. It's a little sore now, but i think I will walk away unharmed. So note to self, if you're going to read tweets in bed, set your phone back on the bed table when finished.

We grabbed a drink at The Beverly Hills Hotel and I walked into the bathroom and a lady was standing at the sink and we made eye contact, I said "Hi, how are you, crazy weather out there", she looked at me and said "are you from the Midwest"? I said, no actually I'm from Boston, she said oh, well I am from Indiana and I said I'm originally from Wisconsin, she said I knew it, no one other then people from the Midwest talk to people. Ok, well, happy to know living in Boston for 9 years hasn't changed me!

Also, super random, but I was having an impromptu dance party in the bathroom while I was getting ready yesterday morning and I realized that Carson Daly is the morning host on 97.1 AMP radio in LA, I think he may have always had this show. But this day he was making snide remarks about Ryan Seacrest and Billy Bush...Not for nothing Carson, but I would think both of those two guys have the career you wouldn't mind having right now. Just sayin'!

Ok, time to board, but not to worry, I'm hooked on the in flight wi-fi!


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