Sunday, September 12, 2010

ACK vol 2

We're back from a week on Nantucket, it was some of the best weather the Island has seen in a September in a very long time.

Had a wonderful time beaching it with friends, new friends and each other.

Finished two great books, 1 book I read in two days, which I could have finished in one, but figured i'd put it down and enjoy the sunset.

Now that I'm home and watching the Pats (kicking butt, btw) I'm ready for Fall. Sweathers, vests, running on a chilly morning and all the perks that come with Fall!

Anyone as pumped to see The Town as I am? No? Well maybe it has to do with that fact it was shot in my backyard! Really!

Happy end of Summer and happy Fall!

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J said...

So excited for The Town!