Sunday, February 07, 2010


If you follow me on twitter you know I have zero shame in taking pictures of myself. It's more for my mom then anything, but I thought I would share my new haircut. It's of course pulled back but I added some bangs, and I'm loving it!
AND don't judge, the Christmas decor has been taken down, I mean lent is right around the corner. Speaking of, what are you giving up for lent?

Me: diet coke (slightly worried)


Mrs. Fabulous said...

Love your hair! I cut bangs a few months ago and I couldn't be happier. I think it adds better shape to your face!

And thank goodness I'm not Catholic because I could NOT give up Diet Coke!!! :) Good luck

Nina Diane said...

looks cute Kimba! I might be 53 years old but I'm now rockin the bangs and lovin it!! I put up a rarely seen pic of myself on my last blog post! haha...have a great week.

dmmlandcruiser said...

Very nice! I complained about how heavy my hair has seemed lately and he cut layers into it. Not quite what I had in mind, but I'm adjusting!

Beantown Prepster said...

Already said on Twitter but LOVVEEEE ITTTT! You're just the cutest ever!

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I Love Your Whole Face said...

Love the hair and the bangs!

Cloggsy said...

Loving the hair chickie!

Lent - I've given up J.Crew and Sugar Free chocolate. My 2 addictions. URGH.

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Anonymous said...

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kanishk said...

I put up a rarely seen pic of myself on my last blog post! haha...have a great week.
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IrishEyes said...

love the bangs -- will you keep them? said...