Friday, November 06, 2009

ACK Night adds a "J" and a "W"

Had a fun evening with my gals and my fave little buddy Will!

Always always a great time.

In other news, RJ is finally home after spending the entire week in NYC, not a place for a Red Sox fan this week.

Also my Menu Monday was like this:

Monday-Wed Turkey sandwich and baked lays (but on Wed. half the sandwich was veggie cream cheese and cucumber)

Thursday: Fave A made very yummy pesto turkey burgers and sweet potato fries, the burgers were frozen from Trader Joe's i'm going to go there this weekend and pick up some. They were that good! You TJ gals should check them out!

Friday: Not going to lie, pizza

Being that RJ was out of town I didn't want to post this until later as i'm a bit of a nervous freak about being home alone. Don't judge, i can't be the only one who doesn't love to be home alone for a week.


KK said...

I pretty much keep all the lights and tv's on when I'm home alone! :) I'm a mess. So I totally understand!!!

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