Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Mad Kimba

So I may be the last person to "Mad Men Yourself" but figured it would be fun to post what I came up with. What you can't see is in my right hand I have a newspaper, so it seems I am in a night club drink in hand, with a Wall Street Journal. Well of course!

I've decided to do a some wedding post this month, thank you all for your feedback, I'll have to go through what I have done to make sure I don't repeat to many of the pictures and stories!

Week has been busy as can be but I have run (one day outside) each day this week and it sure is a great way to destress which is MUCH needed these days.
Hope you are all having a fab week!


Melissa said...

I have yet to "Mad Men" myself, so you're not last!

Can't wait for wedding posts!

jilly said...

I have never even seen an episode, but I do have season 1 on DVD. Can't wait for the wedding posts! In Boston for the next two weeks, maybe we can grab a bite!