Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fall Ball

I'm sure if Kimba were here, she'd be posting about the Red Sox so in her absence, I will post about the Mets. I do want to wish a hearty congratulations to you Red Sox Nationals out there. They've clinched themselves a playoff berth and now its down to three games and how the Rays play to determine who takes AL East and who takes the wild card. Now, Kimba's other baseball team (who I won't mention by name since they are neck in neck with my Mets for the NL wild card, well that's a whole other story. But lets not lay all the blame on the Brew Crew, the Mets are content to throw it away on their own. Last night I was at the game - Delgado hit a grand slam (what's that? did I just hear MVP????) to have a nice 5-1 lead over the Cubs. Next inning? Bam, we blow the whole thing. And so it went until we had a 6-6 tie game in the bottom of the ninth. And after stranding 9 baserunners, even to go as far as a man on third with no outs (seriously) we lost it in the 10th. Oy. I am keeping the faith but if these guys don't make it to the playoffs? Well I'm selling my Todd Hundley jersey on EBay and might have to find another sport to occupy my spring/summer/fall.



J said...

Oy is right!

Maybe you should move to Boston and change your alliances...(just kidding. I know that's not possible!)

Donna said...

Cool that you were at Wednesday's game! How about last night's? We are big Cubs fans

Thanks for posting Suz. Do you have your own blog?

John said...

Do you still have that Todd Hundley jersey? I've been having a hell of a time finding one. Please let me know if you are looking to get rid of it. My fiancee is a distant relative of him, shares the last name and she'd LOVE that for Christmas or her birthday! Please let me know.