Sunday, July 20, 2008

Only if you're Kimba vol. II

We had a great weekend on the Cape, more on that later. 

We got back around 1pm this afternoon so I cleaned up a bit and headed out to get some things done. I felt pretty bad ass driving around in the Jeep with the top down, the wind blowing on this hot Sunday. I pulled into Stop n Shop and the sky looked like it could rain but it was still pretty sunny and I hadn't listened to any weather reports but what was happening on the Cape.

I head inside grab my cart, swear at myself that I forgot our 15 bags in car to be "green". So I head to get a lb of turkey when Music Guy calls me and says where are you, I say I'm at the store, do you think it's bad and i should leave...he says no, you have about a half hour so don't leave just grab some things as you're there and leave. Sounds perfect. So I get a few things and pretty much feel i'm on supermarket sweep! I quickly check out and as i'm getting my notsogreen bags together and walk outside. It is not raining but I know it is about to. The second i start running to the car it starts to downpour. I throw the bags in the back and try to put the top back on. Knowing there is no way I can do it myself. So i jump in and speed out of the parking lot. I of course run into traffic so picture this...pouring rain and no top on your car, can't do anything but make sure your cell phone and blackberry are covered. I finally pull onto our street Music Guy comes running out and we put the top on and I unload the Jeep and walk inside and the rain stops. Classic! 

I will say i went back out to the Jeep with a towel and cleaned everything up. It actually washed up the sand from the weekend nicely, though i was soaking wet. 

MG told me to go inside and he'd take care of it all, but i figured I was already very wet and that it was turning fun! 

Two months from today we'll be getting married! Looking forward to it!!!

We have a busy week ahead of us! MG's cousin is flying in on Tuesday and she's coming to stay with us on Thursday and Friday. My mom is flying in on Friday, we're going to my first dress fitting that evening, Saturday is my Boston shower and then we're going down to the Cape Saturday afternoon. Then come Sunday my mom and I are going to Yarmouth to meet with my flower lady! Fun stuff coming up!!!!!

I do promise I will be posting pictures of Liane's wedding this week!


suburban prep said...

What an experience.

What an exciting next few months you are going to have.

Kimba Rimba said...

We did laugh at fact i was wet! It was prettty funny!

Mrs. STL Sarah said...

That totally sucks, but Music Guy was so sweet about it. Can't believe you are only two months away! Crazy!!

hqm said...

Of course!

Becs said...

Love your blog! Becs