Saturday, March 15, 2008

Birthday weekend

Friday night:

My girl Sara shocked me yesterday when these beautiful flowers were delivered to me at work. I just love her dearly but is too much!

The box is from Suz, talk about someone who is too much!


I got flowers this morning from my father and when we got back this afternoon there was a bouquet waiting for me on the steps from Music Guy's parents.

It has been such a wonderful day thus far! And we're just getting ready to head over to J & G's before we go to dinner!
I have to post a picture of the card Coll sent me the front says "total prep" enough said!


MMM said...

Happy Birthday (a day late)! Hope it was wonderful.

jilly said...

Hope you had a very happy birthday! Best wishes for a wonderful year!

Chantico said...

Happy belated birthday! It sounds like you are much loved-what gorgeous flowers. Here's to a great year!

Happy St. Pat's Day!


Nina Diane said...

a couple of days late but...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Your flowers are beautiful and I hope you had a wonderful weekend.....

IrishEyes said...

Your flowers are so beautiful!


Happy St. Patrick's Day! Time for shamrock shakes!

Debbie said...


Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Sounds like Birthday success! Glad you had a great one!